Pass-It-On Book Group

Windmill is now accepting applications to be the first member of our Pass-It-On Book Group, a new style of reading group that doesn’t ask for all members to be present at the same time, or even in the same country.

What it does ask is that you read and review a book for us, telling us the following four important pieces of information:

  1. Who gave you the book?
  2. How do you know them?
  3. What did you think of the book?
  4. Who you’re going to pass it on to?

We know that there’s no better recommendation for a book than being told how much you’ll love it by a friend. With the Pass-It-On Book Group we want to connect book lovers through their friendships, bringing online what happens every day offline.

So we’d like to you write to us, telling us why you’re the perfect person to start the book group, and which book you’d like to read. We’ll send you a copy of the book and once you’ve read it, ask for your thoughts and that you send it to someone you think will love it. There’s no deadline for your review, but when it’s in we’ll publish on the Windmill website. We’d also love it if you wrote your name, location and the date in the inside front cover and took a photo of it, so we can see where the book has gone.

Tell us why you want to start this project at The choice of books to pick from is below:

Hattie jacket 9780434020942 9780434020423 9780091944315 Jacket




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