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Five Things You Need to Know About is a brand new feature from Windmill. We’ll be asking our non-fiction authors to pick five essential facts from their area of study, giving you the inside track on everything from 1920s nightclubs to the dark side of the internet.

To start us off, newly acquired Hutchinson author Michael Scott tells us five things about his life as a historian and broadcaster. Michael’s study of the ancient world will be published in 2016.

1. I was never going to be a classicist, but spending my 17th birthday at the site of Olympia turned my head.

2. I ran the route of the Athens Marathon in 2007, which replicates the original route from the Battlefield of Marathon to central Athens.

3. The weirdest location I have ever found myself in filming a historical documentary is a poisonous snake farm on the outskirts of Cairo, filming a segment about the death of Cleopatra, in which I was given a snake to hold!

4. The idea for this book first came to me when listening to the build-up to the London Olympics 2012, with one of the commentators saying ‘we will always remember what we were doing at this special time’, and it got me thinking what else was going on around the world at this moment in time, and how that might be an interesting and useful way to think about history as well.

5. What I hope this book will do is challenge the way we think about and learn about history, encourage people to break out of the traditional disciplinary and national boundaries of historical narrative, and make connections about the global story of human history. In so doing, I believe we can not only learn more widely about our human past, but also understand better the individual parts of that story.

Look out for more from Michael Scott over the coming months.

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